In addition to making the first ever direct measurements of basal and englacial properties that will revolutionise our understanding of Himalayan glacial processes, this project will deliver robustly modelled forecasts of glacier recession in the Everest region of Nepal under various climatic scenarios. These modelled outputs will include glacier volumes, extents, and contribution to river flow through time, and will set a new benchmark against which all other modelled data in the region will be compared. Broad-scale evaluations of future water resourcese.g.3,4 will use our output data to ensure their generalised handling of glacier recession is realistic and studies focussed on future sea-level risee.g.2 will use our fine-resolution runoff data to support their regional predictions. Most importantly, local and regional policy makers, supporting agencies (e.g. UNDP, DFID) and the Nepali national government will use our predictions to prepare for, and mitigate against, a change in meltwater supply. Our results will also, for the first time, robustly define the time of disappearance of these glaciers, addressing the well-publicised error of the IPCC AR4 which claimed their imminent demise.