Dr Evan Miles


Evan is a Research Fellow in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds. His research integrates field observations with remote sensing analyses and numerical modelling to understand the mechanisms governing recent and future mass losses for Himalayan glaciers. He recently completed he PhD at the Scott Polar Research Institute of the University of Cambridge, where his doctoral studies focused on the energy balance and ablation associated with supraglacial ponds and steep bare-ice facies on debris-covered glaciers, and he has also been involved with studies of glacier hydrology, high-altitude catchment hydrology and meteorology, and multidecadal glacier change around the world. He has 16 peer-reviewed publications, with 2 as lead author. Evan has previously spent four field seasons studying the glaciers of the Langtang Valley of Nepal, and has also been involved in scientific and recreational endeavours in Patagonia and Svalbard.

Excited about the project (science) because:

Debris concentration, bulk porosity, and internal temperatures are basically unknown for Himalayan glaciers, and this will be the first project with a hope to document those properties directly.

Excited about the project (non-science) because:

Nepal is an amazing place, and I haven’t been into the countryside since the 2015 Gorkha earthquake. I’m very happy to see the Everest region and to experience the simple joys of the resilient Nepali people.

Favourite spare-time activity:

When not minding our 6-month-old, climbing and brewing (coffee and beer, please) are my priorities.

Highest altitude before the project (and where):

6387m, Ganchempo, Langtang Valley

Worst fieldwork experience:

Returning from data collection one day to find that a fire had consumed all of our scientific and personal kit. I don’t want to talk about it.

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